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We are delighted with your visit at our Site and are warmly welcome you to our

We care and respect about your privacies and that is why we are here and want to protect your personal information. Below statements states our privacy policies so please read them carefully.

Privacy policy is all about collecting, using, gathering and also disclosing your personal information. This privacy policy shows how we have applied steps to secure your personal information and how we use and disclose your personal information. By visiting this site directly or indirectly you accept policies listed below.

We shall only use your name and personal information in case to reach you out. We shall collect your information which is required for using this Site and is necessary for us to do so if it is relevant to our dealings with you. Keeping your personal information will only held as long as it is required by the law or as is needed for the relevant purpose for which it was collected and shows our dealing with you.

We cannot identify you as long as you are not registered into our Site with your username and password. If you are not logged in to your site or you don’t have any account then we cannot identify you while using our Site.

Why we register and store your data?

We store your data just for the sake of processing your shopping on the Site and to ensure as a backup information in case we needed to contact you in future. The personal information we may collect shall be, but not limited to your full name, your email, your password, your date of birth, your postal and delivery address, phone number or mobile number, payment details or other bank account details.

Pricing and Orders:

As it is previously stated that the personal information you provide would only be for the sake of processing your orders and to provide you our shipping services. Your information such as password would be kept private from us as well and is only used to verify your account identity to log into our system. Also your private information shall be used only to verify your identity and your payments methods. We may use your name and address to third party services like courier service in order to deliver you your product. So, you must send the exact details of you to our Site and it shall not misleading. Also, keep your information up to date. You can also contact us regarding this.

You can view and change your personal information by logging into our Site. You can also view the details of the orders that has been delivered to you and also able to view those orders which are in process. We cannot assume any liability and are not responsible for misuse or wrong use of passwords unless and until this is our fault.


We may use your order data in case to give you offers on products. We can also use your data to notify winners in the competition to our offers.

Third parties:

We may pass your address and personal information to the third party services like the courier services to make them able to deliver you your orders. This may also help us to analyze data, collect payments from you and customer service assistance.

Other than stated in this privacy policy above, we will not sell you data to anyone or for any purpose.