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We “eJaib.com” warmly welcome you to our website eJaib.com and are obliged to let you know the Terms and Conditions that apply to this site.

Following are the Terms and Conditions that apply to this site, and all of its divisions that may become its part in future must reference same Terms and Conditions.

So the Website eJaib.com reserves the rights to change/alter, modify, add, take off or remove any portions of Terms and Conditions that has been stated in this site. Also, the changes in Terms and Conditions would be takes place when update is posted to this Website. The changes in this Website does not contain any notice to the users and customers of this site. In that case, you must review these Terms and Conditions regularly or as per your usage. Continue usage of this Website aggregates you to the acceptance of those usage.

Term of use:

We eJaib.com grants you rescindable and non-transferable agreement to use this website for the purpose of shopping personal items or gifts that are being sold on this Site under the Terms and Conditions explained.

Content, information or any promotional material that is available on this Site is only for the sake of informational and guide purposes. All the products and their (product) pricing, product promotional material, product quality and description of the product totally belongs to the vendor/company or to the seller of the product. If you found any complaints regarding the purchased product i.e. quality, breaking of product, replacement, changing of the delivered product or extra; all complaints would be taken strongly by us and we will take action against the seller of the product. But we would not be the responsible for the complaints because all the products directly belongs to the vendor/company or seller.

Purchasing any item/product, subscribing to the newsletter or adding items to the wish list may require any registration process. If you register to this Site, you agree to provide valid and accurate information about yourself and not using anyone’s email or information without consulting them. Every customer or user of this Site would be definitely him/herself responsible for keeping their private information like passwords secure and safe. The owner of the account that has been made on this Site is completely responsible for the usage, buying or every activity that is being held under that user account. Account user can also notify us in case of unauthorized or mislead use of his/her account or password. The Site is not responsible directly or indirectly in any way to the loss or damage of any activity occurred, in result to your failure to comply with this section. Commercial use of this Site or using as a behalf of third party is prohibited unless and until you grant permission by contacting us.

Submissions of User:

Submissions part states that all comments/reviews or anything that is being submitted by the user or customer on this Site will becomes Site itself property. The name or the content that you will use in reviews against any product on this Site would allow this Site to use your reviews, content and name. You cannot use anyone else’s email address and cannot pretend to be someone else. You shall not mislead us by giving false representation. We shall not edit your information or use your passwords or submissions. We shall not use your information for any personal use or for other personal benefits.

Pricing and Orders:

We are determined to provide our users or customers the best, accurate and reliable prices. But prices and quality of the product has been adjusted by the sellers but we would be checking on the quality of the products as well as we can. If you have any complaints about the product pricing and product quality, then you can contact us and sign a complaint against the seller or vendor.

However, errors may still occur on pricing such as price is not being displayed on the Site because prices are being directly handled by the vendor or seller. We shall have the right to refuse any order of the customer in case of any bad condition .i.e. wrong pricing extra. We shall have the right to cancel or refuse any order and in that case we shall contact you on the information you have given to us.

Note that there are sometimes conditions when orders cannot processed or canceled because of some reasons, so the Site shall have ability to cancel the orders or postpone customer’s orders. In some cases you may be asked to provide additional information regarding your orders or your addresses including phone number but not limited to this. In case to avoid fraud and other wrong/false activities sometimes we need to verify your payment details regarding bank account information.


All acreage/intellectual rights whether registered or unregistered in this Site solely belongs to this Site, including but not limited to text, graphics, software, photos and their selection and agreement and all software compilations, underlying source code shall remain our property. All rights are reserved.


In accession to any added acknowledged or legal remedies, we may, without prior notice to you, immediately abolish the Terms and Conditions or abjure/revoke any or all of your rights accepted beneath the Terms and Conditions.

You shall stop all access to use of this website in case upon termination of prior agreement and we in addition to any other legal remedies shall cancel all private information .i.e. password and account identification provided to you and stop your access to use of this Website all. Additionally, in termination of this agreement shall not affect the belonging rights and act of the parties arising before the termination date.

You shall notice that Site is not liable to you or to any other individual in case of any suspension or termination. It strongly states that by using and accessing this site, you confirm your acceptance of Terms and Conditions. If you have any issues to the Terms and Conditions written above, you shall not use this website.